Posted by: hazelmeda | October 12, 2012

In-depth 12 October 2012

I am extremely frustrated. I am not succeeding at all in getting a comment from Correctional Services.

I have tried so many numbers which just go unanswered: the ministry, the minister’s spokesperson Logan Maistry. I managed to get the deputy minister’s spokesman, Advocate Muofhe, yesterday abut he said he was busy and asked me to email the questions, which I did/ He acknowledged receipt and said he will get back to me. I hope that happens. I tried to phone all the numbers I have for him again today, but I didn’t get any answer. I feel like I am at a dead end, because I really need this comment.

I have also tried to contact James Selfe, the DA’s shadow minister for correctional services, but all the DA numbers I tried don’t get answered either. I have sent emails to the DA trying to get more contact details to try, but no response.

My other frustration is that the statistics application on the correctional services website doesn’t work.

What is one to do?


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