Posted by: hazelmeda | August 23, 2012

Cool Kid: DJ/Producer Jared Viranyi

Photo: Tanyaradzwa Nyamajiyah

Cool Kid

DJ Jared Viranyi also goes by the name Jc Vee. He started DJ-ing just for friends, but got his big break at a high school fashion show when he was in Grade 11. Now the 1st year BComm student is determined to make music his career.

What part did music play in your childhood?

I always thought about taking up an instrument, but I didn’t have time because I was very involved in my sport. I played cricket, soccer, hockey and a little bit of rugby for my school and for club. But I would spend hours sitting next to the radio listening to music. I’m a terrible singer, so I thought I could be a DJ, especially when I was introduced to house music. I thought it would be interesting to start making my own music and I’ve gotten into producing my own stuff as well.

What was the coolest party you ever DJ-ed?

Probably one at Manhattan’s, a big club in Rivonia. It was actually a DJ competition. The crowd was really cool. They were cheering, screaming and going crazy for me. That was not too long ago, maybe a month and a half ago.

How does doing a BComm help you with your DJ-ing?

I took up the BComm more as a back-up, because the music business is very difficult. I also thought: “Let me go into marketing so that I can learn to market myself better.”

Any advice for budding DJ-producers?

Basically, just don’t stop. Push it at people all the time. Make sure they know who you are and they know your music. Give them your promo CD, whatever. Not just the club owners, but the general public as well. Because if the general public don’t know who you are, then the club owners and managers don’t want to book you. Get your stuff out to anyone and everyone.

Where can people hear your music?

You can hear my mixes on VoW FM, on Zweli’s show Living Electro every Tuesday night at 8:30pm. I also have a Facebook page and I release all the VoW FM mixes I do there, so you can download them. You can also check out to hear the tracks I’ve produced.


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