Posted by: hazelmeda | March 12, 2012

The page you have requested is unavailable

THE iWits system will be shut down for four days next week, affecting some administrative functions.

The shutdown will start at 7am on Thursday March 15 so that student data can be moved to the new Student Information Management System (SIMS).

Students will be unable to get computer-generated receipts for fee payments during the shutdown. They will get manual receipts.

They will also be unable to get their academic records from faculty offices.

Wits is switching to SIMS because the current Oracle Student System (OSS) is being decommissioned, meaning Oracle will no longer provide technical support for this product.

Carol Crosley, deputy registrar at the Student Enrolment Centre and chair of the SIMS working group, says SIMS will automate some administrative processes.

“We are hoping the new system is going to provide a better service for students. Staff working with a better system will lead to quicker turnaround times and better decision making.”

She says the student portal in SIMS will have more functionality and students will be able to access their fees accounts, course information, timetables and class venues online starting in January 2013.

Crosley says the first phase of the new system will go live at 7am on Monday March 19.

The new system will also enable the University to achieve its long-term goal of introducing online registration in the future, Crosley said.

The university council-approved budget for the SIMS project is R110 million over three years.


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